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Grievance claims, reinstatement and prohibitive awards are not worth the risk or cost for Employers!

Employment Relations Act 2000: The unforeseen consequences

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90 days to lodge a grievance

Employers only respond to being sued. I act with the utmost urgency. Using strong advocacy at mediation usually results in compensation (or some other remedy) and a contribution to costs. Sometimes court is the only option.

Employment problems and talk about redundancy are stressful but it is not necessary to just walk away. Employees need the legal, emotional and financial consequences of their crisis to be dealt with quickly. Employers who behave badly should be held to account to New Zealand's employment law.




Grievances have to be defended

Employers have rights too! A proper legal response often wards off grievances at the first reply or at mediation. I specialise in digging employers out of a legal hole by resolving the matter at lowest possible cost.

I believe that matters of principle are worth fighting in court. Employers are legally entitled to dismiss for misconduct without paying compensation. They can expect competence, honesty and efficiency from employees and can dismiss those who do not meet this standard.



Over 20 years experience

I immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand in 1993 and was admitted as a barrister and solicitor in 1996. I have acted for employees and employers in small and large companies across New Zealand, overall achieving very good results.

In South Africa I sat as a Member of the South African Industrial Court. I was admitted as a barrister in 1989 and sat as an Assessor on the Labour Appeal Court. I defended over thirty murder trials and cases of armed robbery, rape and infanticide. I am a trained Mediator and Arbitrator.


My Approach

Urgent legal action and practical advice

I view all cases as urgent and use legal remedies fearlessly and tenaciously. The first thing I do is advise on the merits of your case. Litigation is a last resort and most cases are settled favourably.

As an employment lawyer when I give practical advice it is always in the knowledge that I may be required to back it up in court. I assist clients at disciplinary hearings, and represent clients at mediation, in the Employment Relations Authority and in all New Zealand courts and tribunals.